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Global Selection

We believe micro roasters and coffee enthusiasts deserve direct access to coffee growers and verified farms to secure their best micro-lot selections.

For this reason, we are committed to offer you the best rated and most diverse selection of high-quality coffee varieties and single origin from around the world.

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Easy Transactions

Our marketplace technology, facilitates easy and secure transactions between coffee beans buyers and sellers
We have built a network of coffee farms and local producers who have been screened meticulously by our team to assure quality. In addition, our buyer’s protection policy, guarantees your purchase until selection is delivered and verified.

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Certified Beans

“Good coffee comes from good farms”

We support environmentally and friendly farming practices. Our network of curated farms, have been selected based in sustainability and cultural methods.

All our farms and inventory have been verified ✅ onsite at origin. 

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Please register and be the first to know when the App is available. In the meantime, please click here and visit our catalogue of curated farms and fresh green beans.

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